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Maps generator

An Adobe XD plugin for generating maps

What It Does?

It lets you insert deeply customisable maps in your design with just a few clicks using the google maps API. You can change the zoom level, map type and even add custom styles.

How to Install?

Go to Manage Plugins and search for "Maps Generator" (or) Click here

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How to Use?

Enter zoom leven and map type image

Enter Location

  • Select one or more layers
  • Click on Plugins->Map Generator
  • Enter a location

Enter zoom leven and map type image

Change Map Type and Adjust Zoom Levels

You can change map type to any of the following types - Roadmap, Terrain, Satellite and Hybrid. You can also choose a zoom level from 1 - 20.

Enter custom styles image

Add custom styles

You can even add custom styles to your map. Snazzy Maps is a great place to get awesome custom styles.

Enter location pin image

Enable/Disable default location pin

If you want to design your own location pin, you can disable the default location pin provided by google maps.

What is the meaning of the ERRORs?

Selection Error

This means that you have to select one or more layers and then invoke the plugin.

As of now, the supported layers are:-

  • Rectangle
  • Ellipse
  • Polygon
  • Path
  • Boolean Group

There are errors in styles JSON

This means that there are some errors in parsing of the styles JSON. Please check whether you have entered a valid JSON.